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Do you honestly expect me to believe they don`t burn when poured on my skin?

Yes –  trust me I am a  herbalist! This is not a new concept although it is relatively unexplored in the UK. Why not go on youtube for some practical demonstrations? A word of warning…..Some videos are not for the faint hearted.

How long do the candles last?

Really difficult to answer this question as they are not designed to be burnt continously. What you may ask?  You would never use the whole candle in one session – that would be like using half a cup of oil for a massage. Once you have enough oil simply store the candle – the wax pool will harden and be ready for next time. They do have a shelf life from date of manufacture of 36 months.

Can I use the bars like a bar of soap?

No No No, please dont use them in the shower – they will end up melting into a gloopy mess and possibly blocking the drains.

How do I look after my products?

Store in a cool dry place – not on the radiator.

Keep the wick trimmed.

Keep the lid on candle while not using – this will ensure the essential oils don`t evaporate.

Follow the warning instructions on tin.

How else can I use the candles if I don`t like massages?

The “Massage” part of the name is really a misnomer. There are numerous ways to use them – some ideas… keep in a soap dish on the windowsill above the sink and use after washing dishes.  Light the candle while running a bath and use after soaking for a fabulous relaxing body butter. When “man-flu” strikes rub the refreshing range on the soles of your feet, pop some socks on and hop into bed. After a heavy session of kettle-bells massage the warming range into your aching muscles. Baby can`t sleep or child stressed about exams – light the relaxing candle in their room.

Can they be used on babies/ children?

For baby/child massage I would say yes, they’d be fine but of course exercise some caution, as realistically we can be allergic to anything, even the mildest of things.  Use a test patch first if you are concerned. There is nothing in them which is weird or wonderful so I feel very safe in recommending them which is part of how we formulated the products. BUT I wouldn’t advise the use of any essential oils under three months old.… and avoid if any sensitivities to any ingredient. 




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