So if we are not a scented candle company – then what exactly is a massage candle?

A massage candle does just what it says on the box….You use it as a massage oil or as a moisturiser for solving that dry skin problem.

When you light the candle the wax melts to form a bath temperature pool of wonderfully hydrating, beautifully smelling massage oil. This “oil” can be safely used for either a massage or moisturising lotion. And if you are picturing a hard outer shell as the wax hardens – do not fret this is certainly not the case – more a silky smooth finish. 

The massage bars work on the same principle, however you have to do some of the work.  This time it is the friction  created when rubbing them in your hands which melts the wax into an oil . A word of advice although they may look like soap bars – do not use in the shower as they will dissolve into a gooey mess.

So wtf are they?

They are made from soy wax, which is safe to use on the skin. Soy wax has a lower melting point than paraffin wax. This is then combined with organic almond oil and organic shea butter – to form the base of the candle/bar. Both of these have been shown to benefit the skin. We then mix in some specially blended essential oils. You get to choose which ones you prefer.

Why are we banging on about them not being scented candles? Imagine taking that lovely fake smelling candle you have bought at a large Swedish retail outlet and rubbing that into your delicate skin. Firstly the chemicals in the artificial scents would probably cause all manner of problems. Added to this you would walk around smelling like a toilet air freshener – not something most people are aiming for. So if, when you smell our products cold you are not overly impressed by the aroma dont worry, the magic happens when you heat and apply lovingly all over.

Please note that due to the nature of our products they definitely contain NUTS!