Skin Treat Balms

Our skin treat balms are functional and yet still gorgeous!

There is the relaxing - which contains Lavender to calm and soothe. And the Cleansing one which has an anti bacterial slant.

We have opted for soy wax as opposed to beeswax to keep our products vegan friendly. On testing we found the soy wax less greasy and it was absorbed better than the beeswax which means it does nt form a film over area of application.

All our balms have Vit E oil which acts as a natural preservative as they are free from all artificial preservatives, fragrances and colouring.

We have also added Calendula infused oil - a known powerful anti oxidant which will promote healing andis believed to address the signs of aging.

Ingredeints :

Soy wax

sweet almond oil

Calendula infused oil

Vit E oil

Essential oils