who we are

As mothers and shoppers we know how time consuming and soul destroying shopping can be BUT we also realise that online shopping can leave you feeling vulnerable and frustrated.

So we have based our business model on friendly personal service with actual real people.

  • No disembodied automated messages – unless you order at 3 am when you can`t sleep because you ve forgotten that all important birthday – Soz.
  • No chat lines where you re not sure if “Stacey” is an actual person or some preprogrammed algorthim ready to take over the world!
  • No spam emails which you ve not signed up for and havent got the energy to go through all the small print to unsubscribe from.

So this means we want to hear your feedback and thoughts…..


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who we are

If we aren`t busy crafting your amazing products we ll be helping people achieve the best possible versions of themselves in our busy herbal practices. Oh and of course personally answering all your emails and rushing to make the last post !
    shani crofton MNIMH

    We hope that you enjoy our products as much as we have done creating and producing them.

    shani crofton MNIMH
    Jo Farren Mnimh

    An amazing and innovative product range made with the highest quality ingredients for a therapeutic and indulgent experience

    Jo Farren Mnimh
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We are really excited about bringing our range of natural herbal massage/ moisturising products to you.

values and ethos

We aim to produce high quality products using simple raw ingredients with herbal health benefits

beautiful original products.

Original and healthy - we want to enable a health benefit as well as a luxurious spa experience!